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, brazil, the third largest city in the world. in this anatomy of a mega-city, we'll explore: the urban geography of immigration and ethnic diversity, thsquatter settlements and self-construction. sao paulo, brazil. with its crowded boulevards and massive skyscrapers, it seems awealthy as any city in the world. sao paulo is unique among latin american cities. in the early part of t, when places like rio de janeiro copied traditional european styles of construction, sao paulo was following a distinctly american model of urbanism. imitating the forms of chicago and new york, sao paulo built upward,gro. but in a huge ring around ty slies a very different,gro. urban environment. here, stretchingoriles, is a city of self-built structures in various stages of completion. they line hillsides and rocky streets where some of sao paulo's newest immigrants struggo build mes om brick and cen where some of sao paulo's alaide and her family came to sao paulo from northeastern brazil. ( alaide speaking portuguese ) translator: from there my father came first to work. came i as a maid,my motwas amsts
. what is the challenge and the joy of doing that? >> i grew up in brazil, so the music i was inspired by was the boss a notebook, which was heavily influenced by chet baker -- was bossa nova. it is understated, not ornamented, it is subtle. the challenges exactly that, i am completely naked in the sound, without anything to hold me. a lot of what he recorded was done live. he wanted to do everything in one take, because they did not know if they could get a second take. tavis: let me switch to "duos iii". tell me about this project. >> it is the end of a trilogy that i started 10 years ago. for some, he was -- for me was definitely a legend. growing up with that sound, it was what i knew how to do and wanted to do. it is very traditional. these are standards of the brazilian repertoire, and bringing new to this moment in doing an absolutely live. there are a lot of mistakes, but there is something about taking a photograph of that moment. and then finding the beauty in it and choosing to show it to people. tavis: you grew up in brazil. what has been the greatest joy of having grown up
and brazil. in chile which is giving money to anyone in the world who wants to start a company there, you see entrepreneurship booming. in silicon valley it's not that we're not doing well, but it's stagnant. it's not growing the way it should be growing. >> how much of this is that the earth is just getting flatter, though? there's a brazilian company called levin and if you ever get a chance to meet bell pesci, she's one of the engineers there, an up-and-comer out of brazil. is doing incredible things for companies. and when i download the app the fact it's from brazil, i don't even know that, nor do i care. maybe this is a victory for america, that we have exported this idea. >> we've exported our wealth. we've exported our prosperity. is that a victory? >> no. but i'd rather have a brazil or a china or an india that -- >> if we were doing it deliberately out of the goodness of our hearts, but we're not doing it deliberately. we're doing it out of stupidity. >> but there's an underlying question here, which is if i'm that entrepreneur, if i'm going to start a company, if i have the option,
to africa, indonesia, the gulf, china, india, brazil, japan, and malaysia. the late lord mayor has been doing the same, visiting no fewer than 26 countries during his year in office. now i know there are some people who say this is not real foreign-policy, or worse still, it is just loading policy. i believe there is a race to when britain and leading from the front. i make no apology from linking britain to the fastest-growing parts of the world. i am proud of the fact that in just two years british exports of goods to brazil are up 25%, up 40%, russia up 80%. last week we took steps towards a new defense partnership with united arab emirate that could be worth more than 6 billion pounds to british industry. i want us to go further still. when i look around the world, i see countries like germany using overseas business that works to drive new business. in brazil, for example, 1700 members of the german chamber. 1700 members of the u.s. chamber's. how many does the u.k. have? just 240. we need to do all whole lot better than that. i have asked steven green, our trade minister to work a
on mexico and chile and brazil. one of the great things we're missing right now, it is part of the root of this mess about it -- immigration. our partners are right there. those old movies where people -- there was the girl next door, and the hero tries to fall in love with some likely candidates. she turns out to be loyal and ticks down her hair and -- takes down her hair and glasses. that is mexico. brazil and you'll get all those countries, we have to go look at china. we have to reach out to india. i went down to mexico on an economic development mission and was the first governor to go there in four years from any state. we're missing a tremendous opportunity. >> thank you. governor brown, i'm sure you know that on any given day, people from other states are knocking on doors of co's in the valley and trying to get them to expand in other states or move to other states. someone in this room may have engaged in that. >> they cannot all expand in california. we are try to help california. quex their offering tax breaks. >> we are not offering a break. >> not only you. what do you say
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together into 1. >>> we're back in a moment with brodie brazil and key roster moves by the giants. >>> good evening. i'm brodie brazil. you would think just one day after their world series parade, san francisco's baseball team would find some way to soak in the glory by simply staying out of the limelight. like i said, you would think. but instead, they made some waves. hear this out. the giants, today, declined to make qualifying offers to marco scutaro, angel pagan and jeremy affeldt. before you assume the worst, they plan to keep all of the players. >>> the next piece of news is very concrete, though. aubrey huff's time with the giants is definitely over. the team declined his $10 million option for 2013. huff was a key contributor in the title run of 2010. but only a role player, hitting .192, with 1 homer in 52 games. >>> 49er linebacker, aldon smith, caught up in another off-the-field incident. smith was reportedly involved in an altercation outside a restaurant last night. a police report vaguely confirms a, quote, disturbance between two males that necessitated a police presence. s
is on -- stay tune all of that. >>> brazil's central bank is set to make its latest interest rate decision today. the bank is widely expected to call time on a yearlong easing cycle that has seen interest rates fall to a record low of 7.25%. neil sheering of capital economics joins us now. 7.25%, still pretty high by developed world performance. do they not have more room to cut? >> well, you'd think so, wouldn't you? the reality is the bank now is facing two conflicting forces, i think. growth on the one hand seems to be picking up. before they started cutting interest rates over a year ago, and they cult interest rates by over 5.25% now. that seems to have cut through to some pickup in growth. that's likely to show the economy group by 1% or more in the quarter. >> quarter on quarter? not annualized. so about 4%. >> exactly, yes. whether that's sustained is another thing. but the other issue they've got to bear in mind is inflation starts to pick up. primarily driven by food inflation. but inflation now is kind of running at 5.5%. still within target range, so with the economy picking up pace,
. >>> our power house roundtable. george will, cokie roberts, donna brazile, matthew dowd and ronald brownstein of the national journal. >>> hello again. this is it. just hours to go before the final votes and for so many americans, about 40% voters, election day has already come and gone. a new record that has already led to long lines like this at polling stations. some good news in the early vote. that makes sense. the race has been tight from the start. today, it could not be closer. our brand-new abc news/washington post poll shows an absolutely dead-heat. 48%. in the battleground states, a small but steady lead for president obama and it's in the battlegrounds especially those mid western states of iowa, wisconsin and ohio, where the candidates are making their closing arguments. >> the american auto industry is back on top. osama bin laden is dead. we have made real progress. but we are here today because we know that we got more work to do. >> the question in this election is this, stay on the course that we are on or real change? because we represent real change. >>> with th
like northern europe, we'd like asia, we buy commercial markets. liz: we have brazil on a couple of these funds. why brazil? >> brazil is an interesting play. the stocks are very cheap. they trade for about less than 10 times earnings, and one of the things we like about it is the real evidence of structural reform. we see monetary policy model tries on the types of structural reform that leads to faster growth. also, very good energy, and as a is a sector that we like over the long-term. liz: let me just say you also like china funds. these are energy companies, banks, etc., china, seeing a little bit of a slowdown? >> i think we are. china has been a disappointment this year. no one believes it's going back to 10% growth. we do think the worst news is behind it and it will rebound in 2013. another area is chinese small caps. companies that will benefit the most consumption continues to rise in china. liz: chinese small caps. an unbelievable story that has been up-and-down. it is good to see you. thank you very much. >> and you, turn to. liz: we will see what happens a couple of
among minorities, it's very hard to win a majority. >> and donna brazile, that is why you see president obama holding on in those southeastern states of florida, north carolina and virginia but also doing quite well in the polls coming in the southwest, as well, new mexico, nevada and colorado. >> the democrats have always believed that you have to enlarge the electorate. you have to reach out to women. you have to reach out to minorities. but more importantly, i wanted to bring this in. in 1992 in the bill clinton campaign, the white electorate, 87%, by 2000 for al gore, 81%. today, in the 2008 campaign, 74% of the electorate and today, 72%. so it's declining, the minority population is increasing. >> okay, i want to go now and give you a projection. it is north carolina coming in for governor romney. again, we had seen him a bit ahead there and there it is, it is a switch, of course, president obama won it narrowly back in 2008 but now it goes to governor romney. >> this was not a state that president obama was counting on but certainly one they were hoping for because they had invest
to the corner jie. this is why brazil needs to be stopped. >> i love the brazilians. this is amazing. i have to go visit there. >> i would punch somebody out starting with that little girl. i would have smacked her and her doll and when the door opened i would have found who ever it was and strangled this them. that is the most absurd, stupid thing i have ever seen. somebody can get hurt over that. >> when i tiers saw it i was feeling bad for the people, but then i thought they put this little girl in danger. >> if that was me the little girl would have been hurt. >> yes. i would have kicked out the panels of the elevator and looking for the sick sob who pulled that stunt. >> maybe she was orchestrating it all. >> don't do that to me is what i am saying. >> they are all checking themselves out in the mirror beforehand. >> every person. even the really fat dude. that was more of a social experiment than the girl. >> they are sprucing up. >> jedediah, why is it the little girl with the doll scares them so much? >> it is scary, but i feel terrible saying this, but i like it. it is hysterical. i
area. >>> let's bring in brody brazil. hopefully things are better today. stanford did well today. >> that is true. cal last night not so successful. stanford in colorado nor the first time since 1990. the cardinal worry about the high altitude environment. we'll tell you what the real factor turned out to be in sports. ah. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. do you churn your own butter what? too? this is going to give you a head start on your dinner. that seems easier sure does who are you? [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. five delicious cooking sauces you combine with fresh ingredients to make amazing home-cooked meals. ♪ ambiance [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. your head-start to home cooked. >>> just two minutes into his night brandon rush went up for a dunk, was fouled in the process and landed on his left leg. he was in pain and frustration and today we know why. rush tore his left acl and will miss the rest of this regular season. in college brandon tore his right acl and tweeted this today. been through this
initiatives. of course, there's been a rise in exports. brazil has enjoyed a rapid growth fueled by commodities. the question is whether the rise is sustainable. the world bank cautions that class remains a major opportunity to latin america. you are likely to spend the same number of years in school as your parents. the economist points out that the difference in the quality of school ace tended by those at the top and bottom income groups is bigger than anywhere else in the world. the growth of a latin america meddle class is obviously good news but there's reason to worry about its economic future. wre cently reported how brazil's growth rate closely tracked the dmod prices. if those prices drop as a result of a slowdown in china and europe as many economists expect, brazil and latin america's grouktd will stall. that could mean new entrance to the middle class may slip back into poverty. that night to be diversified. the many closed sectors and markets across the region need to open up further and foster competition. but how will these governments raise money? this is where l
now >> for anybody who works here, it's just fun to see when chili from tlc is doing brazil butt lift, and she tweets about it or paul ryan talks about his p90x. so many politicians, celebrities, actors talk about doing this, but the thing we're very careful about this is to not make this the star show. the stars of this business are the customers. they're real people who don't have the financial incentive to look great in front of the camera. ♪ be the first customer is, i think, one of the most important things for somebody to really give themselves distinction in the marketplace. it's very easy to see a need out there and think, oh, i can solve that need. unless you viscerally feel the problem, you're not going to solve that need in a way that is going to be really competition proof. we never sort of open the doors and said, hey, come on in and pitch us your product. instead, we looked at, again, using ourselves as the first customers. what would we like? we just develop products that are a way to gratify our own desire to live a healthier, more fit life, in a way that can also fi
with the northern hemisphere. there was no mention of brazil. actually, almost nothing about most of latin america, certainly, south of the equator. i wonder if you could lend some insight on the implications of the election for broader u.s. policy, including u.s. economic policy with the rest of latin america. >> sure. why do we get water to other questions. >> i think i need to be more skeptical than other people because we have heard a lot of similar statements in the past. my question to michael and peter and manuel will be, ok -- [inaudible] the recent polls that reelected president obama and in power what?os to do what custome this question is related to, what is the political capital that the latinos now have once president obama has been reelected and there won't be any more real elections? for the many problems that president obama is facing both internally and externally, to what extent does his in ministration be committed to either immigration, policy reform, [inaudible] which are to the big issues with latinos. >> thank you. one last one? what i have a try at these two, and i'm sure m
to china, to india, to brazil, to turkey. the united states will do just fine in the 21st century but so will a host of developing countries that have been behind the west for many years. and as a consequence the 21st century will not be an american century. it will not be a chinese century, and nations into, in 18th century. it will be no one's world. it would be a world that for the first time in history will be integrated and globalized, smudged together, to use a technical term, but without the guardianship provided by the western anchor. what i'd like to do in the next 15 minutes or so is put some flesh on the bones, tell you i think we are at the cusp of that historical intersection. and then end i say a few things about what we as americans should do about it. that the pendulum is swinging and power diffusing is, in my mind, unstoppable. and i'll just try to out a few facts and figures, and i'm drawing mainly on projections from the world bank, the imf, the international monetary fund, and from goldman sachs. goldman sachs likes to do studies of future. united states is today by f
and analysis with our powerhouse roundtable with george will, donna brazile, jonathan karl, newt gingrich and congressman xavier becerra. >>> plus -- ♪ sugar sugar >> america's favorite tasty treat turns into another political football. is it twilight for the twinkie? >>> good morning. george stephanopoulos has the weekend off. we begin with breaking news from the middle east where despite talks of a possible cease-fire, the air war between hamas and israel is continuing. so let's get right to it. we have alex marquardt in gaza city and christiane amanpour in jerusalem, and, alex, let me begin with you. give us a sense of what's been going there on in gaza. >> reporter: good morning, martha. it's been very consistent pummeling of gaza by the israeli air force and a consistent launching of rockets by these palestinian militant groups. we are hearing the bombings going off rather incessantly. just a short while ago, a palestinian group launched a rocket from just a short distance away. this goes on throughout the day, into the night. around 2:00 a.m. we were woken up by this barrage of ar
's in brazil and it's 14 stories high and it's called insano. >> who you go on insano. >> not a chance. >> finally subway makes a math fail. they offered a six inch sand for 0.9. i would have cashed in. >> later they all said they are willing to come together and solve the nation's problems but we've heard that before. any real hope for bipartisanship in washington? we'll talk to someone who should know. the rest of you stick around you're watching cbs "this morning saturday." >> how would you really -- >> pay for it >> less than a penny on me. >> i would give them a penny, a little extra. >> tip included. >> i can see the cent signs versus the dollar sign. i can't see myself challenging the guy at the register. >> have you ever been in a store -- >> the guy would say i'm sure we made a mistake. you can hold them to the letter. >> i'm sure you could. i'm sure it wasn't a corporate mistake. this is a franchise. i'm our the guy is building his sign and put the cent sign up there instead of the dollar sign. >> would you go down the 14 story water slide? >> the insano in
service. she thought he might be sent to brazil to work in sugar cane fields or build la betweens, a character building experience, but chris, leading the charmed life, spent the summer polishing spainer and paella. he spoke italian and air back and encouraged me to study germany, learn italian to communicate in tu knee sha and learn spanish to speak with my patients. i saw the world through his eyes. i remember walking into a restaurant in cairo and the waiter saying something in arabic to chris. he chuckled and translated. when you walk in, the whole room lights up. was that just chris or beauty of the arab language or how perfectly they understood each other? chris incorporated the wonderful values of our parents and shared these with the world. he's always been with me. he was the first to see my stand in the crib. he probably taught me to walk. he set the standards for our family really high and brought wonderful friends into our lives, friends who are like brothers and sisters to us now. chris was my most important mentor. he showed me how. so it is not important who your mo
, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] wonder what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. >>> well, welcome back to "early today." forecastwise across the country, the big story is the poor people that got nailed by hurricane sandy are today dealing with a nor'easter. a lot of airports will be closed. we'll see more damage from waves, wind and a storm surge expected at high tide this afternoon. lem take you to the west coast and show you what the forecast looks like today. not bad. temperatures are a little cooler in l.a. still very warm in phoenix. we'll watch a big change as we go throughout the next couple days don't get used to this nice weather. we're going to watch especially in the northern rockies dealing with a significant snowstorm, especially in montana through the next 48 hours. storm any from the east to
launched in south america and in brazil. all of our materials for the educators and the community based organizations in the room, all of the education rights have been cleared. everything on the website and long form and print material, everything can be downloadd and it's yours and free. use it for workshops. use it for curriculum. use it as ways to start an assembly. can you trust the material. we have worked with them. the government has been a phenomenal partner for us. that the agencies -- the fact that you have hhs and ed and justice working together and collaborating it's been one of the most generous partnerships in my 30 years in the business that i have ever seen and i spent a good time in public broadcasting and partnered with the department of ed for years and i have to say this project of all the projects and nobody says no. everybody stands up and says "how can i help?" . there is also on our website a half-hour documentary and proud to say it was introduced by president obama. it was on cartoon network in career and yours for the download and i would like to sho
a lot of trips to brazil to make sure that he stood up and got some extra attention for this building because if you look around at some of the things i'm really proud of, we just didn't build the building, we also wanted to design it to make sure that the attributes of our community and our culture was well represented. so some of the nicer things that you see that we will appreciate for years to come were done out of personal sacrifice from people who were a part of this institution both current and in the past. i see henry dear over there. henry, thank you for all your wonderful years at caa and education. i know you fought really really hard to make sure that this building got up and that education continued to be at the forefront of everything we do. these are people that i worked with, that i had a chance to really serve the community with, and so on behalf of my office, on behalf of the city and i know our board of supervisors joins with me because they did the same thing just this past week in passing their resolution and proclamation in concert with us to proclaim this, toda
and columbia and brazil and i know the director of the theater of women in the arts will let you know he's playing in the days ahead. [applause] so senor santos thank you so much for your contributions to the arts community here in san francisco and we thank you for your service. [applause] >> thank you very much wa wean. i want to say thank you to the mayor also, to the nominating committee. i also want to acknowledge my family, my inspiration. my father who passed away last week who was also a san francisco native. my mom in the hospital right now after a knee replacement and also a san francisco native. this means a lot for us. i know i speak for 99% of the latino and jazz musicians who are not playing commercial music whose photos are not on the covers of magazines or in the newspaper or not on television, and we play this music because it's our roots. it's who we are. it's a tradition handed down to us and this award means a lot. i think it means more to us than anybody else. also when we talk about latin heritage month and every month is latin heritage month but we are first
around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. >>> we're in evans, georgia, and this is southern tots. ashley jernigan started this clothing company after she received a pink slip in 2010. >> let's pick out some fabric that goes together. >> i had been laid off, it was a new chapter. i thought okay, i'm going
and their wallets back in line. a tem in brazil. the secure cloud helped us get some numbers from my assistant's pc in new york. and before i reached the top, the board meeting became a congrats we sold the company party. wait til my wife's phone hears about this. [ cellphone vibrating ] [ female announcer ] with cisco at the center, working together has never worked so well. [ female announcer ] with cisco at the center, [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. . >>> you know, for years, i have been talking about the dangers of obesity. and believe it or not, today i have good news to report. philadelphia has been on the front line of this epidemic, but also recently turned the tide. and childhood obesity is in fact going down. the question is, how did they do it? well, a big part of the answer is right on the corner, the corner store. philadelphia is known for food, a
in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. >>> move over, madea. tyler perry has a new character in his life and his name is alex cross. >> let me see your hands. let me see your hands. put down the gun. put down the weapon now. do it now. is this what you want to die doing? drop the gun? >> there would be no alex cross, of course, without american author and novelist james patterson. his books have sold an estimated 260 million worldwide and writing isn't the only thing that he has dedicated his life to. he sat down and told our nadia bilchik his real passion. >> welcome. it's great pleasure to see you again albeit virtually this time. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> so tyler perry has been interviewed great deal recently and he said there's only one reason for doing "alex cross" the movie. it's because of you. for you, why tyler perry? >> one reason is tyler perry. i love working with him. he's talented, devoted, and hard-working. i love alex cross. he's hard-working. unbeli
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, brazil, ishares, small-caps, large-caps, ishares. industrials. low cost. every dollar counts. ishares. income. dividends. bonds. i like bonds. ishares. commodities. diversification. choices. my own ideas. ishares. i want to use the same stuff the big guys use. ishares. 9 out of 10 large, professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. introducing the ishares core, etfs for the heart of your portfolio. tax efficient and low cost building blocks to help you keep more of what you earn. call your advisor. visit ishares. yeah, ishares. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. >> announcer: "nightline" continues from new york city with cynthia mcfadden. >> adoption can be a beautiful thing. bringing together babies who need parents with parents who are desperate for children. about 50,000 children are adopted into new families by american parents every year. i was once one of them. but now comes a highly unusual new way to make a match. crai
the sec that it's expanding an investigation into bribery accusations abroad - to china, brazil and india. earlier this year, wal-mart was accused of bribing officials in mexico. meanwhile, the company beat wall street's expectations on earnings, reporting a profit of $3.6 billion. wal-mart's cfo said the retailer expects the holiday season to be very competitive. the postal service has a staggering loss of $15.9 billion. the post office is under the finanical strain of having to pre-pay for employee health benefits. the postmaster general is urging congress to take action, including going to 5-day delivery service. farmland prices are growing. that's according to the federal reserve. demand for farmland in the plains states remained strong in the third quarter, and prices rose 25%. the fed also said this summer's drought did not effect land demand, but did hurt farmers' incomes during the summer months. farmers may expect the drought to continue to drag down incomes in the coming months. harsh weather conditions in europe could end the days of cheap wine. according to, g
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